Son Doong - The amazing & unique natural gift only in Vietnam

Journey of discovery and discovery


Son Doong Cave (Photo: Jarryd Salem)

Son Doong Cave is a natural cave in Tan Trach Commune, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province, Vietnam. Up to the present time, the cave is considered the largest natural cave in the world with many values ​​of vegetation as well as wonders of limestone mountains. The cave was formed millions of years ago, but it was not discovered in 1991 by Mr. Ho Khanh - a local resident who stumbled upon the shelter from the rain. It was only a long time since it was announced in 2009 when an expedition of the Royal Caves Association of England came to the area to explore, Mr. Ho Khanh informed them. Due to the development of nature, it was very difficult for him to find the store because it was located deep in the jungle, with rugged terrain away from major roads and unable to locate on Google Earth. Under the enthusiastic guidance of Mr. Khanh, the delegation could go deep into the cave, explore and explore Son Doong cave in detail, collect images and data.

Beauty satisfies every senses

According to explorers and geologists, Son Doong Cave can be formed from 2 to 5 million years ago, when river water flowed through the limestone mountains were buried along a fault line. The water eroded and created a vast tunnel in the ground below this mountain range, where in soft rocks the water collapsed, causing the ceiling to collapse into holes, long as they crystallized into a giant cave dome. beautiful, also known as the "crater of death." These pieces of households are also a place to receive light to provide plants here, the long light shines from the top of the pit to the bottom of the cave creating so also the scene that we thought was like a fairy-tale place.


River in Son Doong Cave (Photo: Ryan Deboodt)

On the surface, no one thinks Son Doong cave has a width of up to 150m, a height of over 200m and a record length of up to 2,5 km. The enormous capacity is estimated at 38.5 million cubic meters or 15,000 Olympic swimming pools. In some of the tallest and widest sections can accommodate a 40-storey building in New York City (USA)


A primeval forest with maple vegetation (Photo: https://www.pinterest.com/)

Not only is it famous for its enormous size measurements, but the cave is also known for its diverse landscape and vegetation. In the cave, there is a system of limestone stalactites, which when the sunlight shines, can reflect the sparkling colors, the unique sculpted cliffs and millions of giant "pearls" of the cave. After years of tectonics and being influenced by many external factors, stalagmite columns appear to be as high as 70m, and in Son Doong cave, there is a primeval forest with maple vegetation. Rich and never had a trace of human impact on it, a number of new animals can be mentioned such as rolling mats, wood lice and some other crustacean species. Birds are beautiful and exotic, the forest is like a "garden of Eden" underground. The 2.5 km long underground river was also found. This may be the secret route of the ancients, because according to a research in this area, if there is no underground river, there is no other means of transportation transfer here.


Thousand-year-old way of carrying rocks (Image source: Zing.Vn)


Sculpted "pearl" (Photo: Jarryd Salem)

The beauty of the Son Doong cave, discovered forever, can be seen by the magnificent nature that always gives us surprises.

Safe adventure travel


Expedition tourism (Photo: Alesha Bradford)

Currently, Son Doong cave tourism is still quite limited because the adventure requires people with good health as well as long-term climbing experience. Currently, only one travel company, Oxalisadventure, offers a full-service tour for around US $ 3000 within 4 days. However, this company also assesses the highest difficulty level for those who want to refer to them to understand this journey of experience, fully committed mentally and physically to be able to participate.

Son Doong is one of the majestic natural wonders that need to be preserved and preserved. Each Vietnamese needs to care for and support nature conservation organizations. At the same time, people should limit and condemn the maximum acts of infringement or illegal tourism business because only that can preserve intact the other wonders in general and Son Doong in particular.


Son Doong - The amazing & unique natural gift only in Vietnam

Son Doong - The amazing & unique natural gift only in Vietnam

Son Doong natural cave was formed for millions of years but was not published and discovered until 2009. Son Doong promises to be an adventure destination not to be missed for domestic and foreign tourists.


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