Warranty policy



This limited warranty policy is applicable only to Vsmart-branded mobile phones produced/distributed by Vinsmart Research and Production Joint Stock Company (“Vinsmart”) in Vietnam (“Product”) and does not apply to transfered products.


Vinsmart or Warranty Center authorized by Vinsmart performs the warranty obligation for the Products which are limited by the below terms and conditions. Excepting those cases uncovered by the warranty, Vinsmart and/or Warranty Center authorized by Vinsmart will give the warranty to the Products and accessories attached to the Products with technical errors under normal conditions of consumers’ usage according to the warranty policies issued by Vinsmart updated from time to time without breaking the law of Vietnam, understood as (“Scope of Warranty”) as follows:

1. Warranty period

  • a. Eighteen (18) months from the exact time of warranty activation for Products and unremovable accessories.
  • b. Six (6) months for other accessories.

– Warranty period is calculated from the time the device’s warranty is activated via Vinsmart electronic warranty system. You can view the warranty information via the Vsmart application right on the Product. In addition, Vinsmart provides an online hub to look up information about Products at the website: www.vsmart.net. Regarding force majeure circumstances in which the warranty cannot be activated on the electronic warranty system of Vinsmart, Vinsmart will define the warranty period based on the time shown on the delivery invoice.

– Within the first (101) days from the time of warranty activation, if the phone encounters technical errors, customers will be entitled to exchange for free a new mobile phone with the same model and specifications after being chẹcked and verifief by the Warranty Center.

– During the warranty period of 18 months from the time of warranty activation, customers are warranted to have Products exchanged/repaired or, replace components for free depending on the type of damage assessed by Vinsmart or, repair with fees if Products are not qualified under the Warranty Policy.

2. Warranty scope

This limited warranty only applicable in Vietnam territory, where the product was purchased. Vinsmart can provide repairing service outside the country of purchase, to the extent possible, according to the terms and conditions of the countries of purchases.

3. Products covered by warranty

This limited warranty applies only to the products:

  • a. Produced by Vinsmart or determined by the attached legal trademark, trade name or logo of Vinsmart.
  • b. Purchased by the consumers from a retailer or a distributor authorizedby Vinsmart in Vietnam.

4. The warranty period for the replaced Product:

According to the Warranty Policy, the warranty period of the replaced Product is equal to the remainder of the warranty period of the original Product before being exchanged.

5. Limited warranty for replaced components:

During the warranty period in accordance with the Product regulations or with Product uncovered by the warranty (due to warranty refusal or warranty expiration), the following policies will be applied:

  • a. If the remaining warranty period of the Product is more than three (03) months at the time of replacement or repair, the warranty period of the replaced components is calculated according to the remaining warranty period of the Product.
  • b. If the Product is not under warranty at the time of replacement or repair, the warranty period of replaced components is three (03) months from the date of repairing completion.


If an error is found or arises on the Product and the warranty is valid within the specified warranty period, Vinsmart will choose one of the following solutions, unless otherwise provided by law:

  1. 1. Repair for free all the defects or replace the damaged components with good ones to ensure that the device operates normally; or
  2. 2. Replace with a new Product or another Product equivalent to the original Product. Note: Products and components of replacement are parts of the warranty process, which are the property of Vinsmart and may not be returned. When the replacement or renewal is done, the original Product which is exchanged/replaced must be returned to Vinsmart and/or processed in accordance with the committed standards of environmental protection.


  • 1. The warranty period of Product has expired.
  • 2. Consumable parts during use, such as the battery life or the external protection coatings, except for errors caused by a hardware or assembling defect. Only a fully charged battery of which the capacity falls below 80% of rated capacity or leaking battery will be covered by this Warranty Policy.
  • 3. Cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents, cracks or other external damages.
  • 4. Damage caused by use with non-genuine Vinsmart products. Errors arising from the use of products, accessories or other peripherals that do not carry Vinsmart trademarks or certifications, including but not limited to phone covers, components, accessories or software, are excluded from warranty coverage.
  • 5. Force majeure failure or user error: Due to accident, volcano, earthquake, abuse, misuse, contact with liquid, fire or other external causes.
  • 6. Unauthorized repair or modification. Error or damage arising from self-repair, inspection, adjustment, assembling or modification in any form, including but not limited to software changes, by other third parties apart from the Warranty Centers authorized by Vinsmart, are subjected to declined warranty. Notwithstanding the foregoing, every Product of which the system software, or operating system has been modified or altered, including any attempt to unlock the system software or unsuccessfully change the operating system will not be covered under warranty.
  • 7. A Product or part has been modified in any way without the written permission of Vinsmart. Product has been changed in any way to prevent Vinsmart from determining whether the Product is covered under the terms of this warranty policy will be excluded from warranty coverage. The changes mentioned in this article include:
    • a. IMEI number (15 digits), serial number or manufacturer code has been removed, changed
    • b. or erase.
    • c. or Invalid or duplicate serial number.
    • d. or the warranty stamp has been torn.
    • e. or other evidences of fraud.
  • 8. All incompatibilities of software, including operating system software, third party software, will not be warranted in any way.
  • 9. User-installed errors such as Product key; login account/Google account… All cases of changing or forgetting the password that need to be clarified the account holder information before any request for re-issuance or deletion is proceeded. The implementation of these requirements may take time and the customer may have to be charged.

If the damaged is beyond the scope of warranty, Vinsmart can provide the repair service for customers, but the customers must pay all the costs related to the repair.


– You should periodically back up the information stored on the product’s storage or on your personal storage devices to protect your personal data and to prevent problems that may occur during use.

– Before offering warranty service, Vinsmart or authorized Vinsmart Waranty Centers may ask you to provide proof of purchase, answer questions to help diagnose potential problems and follow Vinsmart’s process to get the best warranty service. Before delivering the Product to Vinsmart for warranty service, you should keep a separate backup of any contents of the Product, remove all personal information that you want to protect and turn off all protected passwords.

– During the course of warranty service, all the contents stored on the Product will be deleted and reformatted. Vinsmart and Vinsmart representatives are not responsible for any loss of applications, data or information stored on the device or any other part of the Product covered by Vinsmart warranty.

– Important note: Please do not remove the back or any parts of the Product by yourself. Inside impacts on the Product may cause damages that are not warranted by this Warranty Policy. Only Vinsmart or an authorized representative can perform the warranty service on this Product.


  • 1. For warranty support, please visit and refer to the Customer Support section at the instructions section of www.vsmart.net/support before requesting warranty service
  • 2. If this Product still does not work properly after following the user manual, please contact the authorized Waranty Center listed on the hotline 1900232389 or Vinsmart website or other authorized warranty centers nationwide.
  • 3. Vinsmart’s Authorized Warranty Center will determine if your Product can be fixed by software. You may be required to download the software, or use and accept software updates from authorized Vinsmart Warranty Center (You may incur service charges arising from downloading the updated software). Compliance with warranty procedures, repair instructions and acceptance of software updates is required to receive warranty support from Vinsmart.
  • 4. If the software update does not fix the problem, you will be instructed to send the Product to a Warranty Center authorized by Vinsmart for warranty repair.
  • 5. To get your Product warranted following the Warranty Policy, Vinsmart base on the date and time on the warranty system. If this is not applied, you must provide:
    • (a) Sales invoices or other equivalent evidence showing the time of purchase;
    • (b) A written description of the Product error;
    • (c) Name of your service provider (if any);
    • (d) Contact address and telephone number.
    In case the Products are not covered by this warranty policy, Vinsmart will inform consumers about the service repair available, prices and other conditions applied to the Product repair.
  • 6. For assistance or reference to other warranty related information, please visit our Customer Support via www.vsmart.net or hotline 1900232389.(Warranty policy may be amended, supplemented and changed from time to time in accordance with applicable law).